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£50 Marks and Spencer vouchers when you sign up for Sky

Get in quick!! Sky Digital are giving £50 vouchers for Marks and Spencers when you sign up within the next 2 days! Thats right £50 to spend on anything you want plus you still get a £15 credit when you buy online and all the other details and promos that are running!

If all that ws not enough you get free 2GB broadband when you sign up for Sky TV Basic. You can add premium channels such Sky Movies and Sky Sports plus faster broadband and free calls packages, Sky+ and Sky HD for the ultimate entertainment package just in time for your family Christmas! The Sky Digital system is so flexible that you can easily tailor it to your life, home and family!

This deal only lasts for another 2 days so dont delay, this is a pefect time to get the best TV and entertainment package from Sky.

Get £50 Marks and Spencers vouchers free from Sky Digital

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