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AlertMe: Save Hundreds On Your Bills!

Anyone with high bills will love this! This amazing energy monitor lets you see where your house is using power and let you do something about it. Just plus it into your meter and you can see where and what is using up power. AlertMe costs just £49.99 with a free display worth £29.99.

Its wireless so you can use it anywere and does not take any fiddling around with software or hardware! Getting started is so easy!

If you have a huge old house which uses more energy than it should you can imagine how useful this could be! AlertMe could help you save loads year on year, paying for itself many times over! Even if you dont have sky high bills, its fun to know!

Save hundreds of pounds a year, stop the waste today with AlertMe

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  1. Got an old house and used one of these to target where heating was leaking, away. Spent a few hundred now I save that every year on my heating and bills! Great bit of kit!

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