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EDF Energy: Save money on your bills


Want to save over £166 on your monthly utility bills? Use EDF Energy to provide your gas and electric and you could make a serious savings and get a better suited utilities package with plenty of eco products to save you even more money!

These days it pays to go green, save money on your bills, get the satisfaction for doing your bit and generally cut out waste. EDF Energy are the leading eco/green energy provider and let you use cheaper power during off peak hours and balance out your CO2 emissions! EDF Energy have loads of handy tips and advice on ways to save money by going green such as insulation and using your power wisely.

EDF Energy also offer free prize draws to customers so you can win while you save!

Its dead easy to switch over to EDF Energy, no lengthy forms to fill and no hassle with waiting in for technicians to visit your home.

Save up to £166 on average with EDF Energy

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