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Have you ever wondered what your neighbours paid for their home? Ever needed a valuation on a property and had to pay for it? Ever wished you had official government data from the the last 8 years to hand when you entered the property market?

House Price Spy has the answer to all these questions and more with millions of FREE sale prices from across the UK to hand at the touch of a mouse! All you need to do to is become a member of House Price Spy. It’s free to join up and you will have free unlimited use of the site when you are logged in.

If that was not enough you get unrivaled statistics and analysis for each results page from Regions to cities, areas, streets and individual properties. You can ‘Watch’ streets and areas plus House price Spy will alert you when sales are made in chosen areas. You can use the unique House Price Spy system to compare areas with graphs to clearly show trends and values over the space of a year.

There is property advice, tips and usefull links that every homeowner really should have at their fingertips! The site has just had a huge re-vamp with a new easy to use design and more features such as additional searching functions and membersd only goodies.

Get your free membeship of House Price Spy today

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