Free Membeship of the Redsave Savers Club

Join up with the Redsave Savers Club and get access to thousands of pounds worth of savings with as much as 70% of RRP prices on gadgets, toys, mp3 player accessories, digital photo frames, gizmos and games.

Redsave are offering every new customer 1 month free (worth £19.99)and you are not tied into subscribing for any longer than 1 month at a time. Every product has price comparision for the other leading gadget stores and a lower Redsave Savers Club members price for every product as well as the standard Redsave low price!

If you love gadgets and toys or you are starting to put together a list of Christmas presents for other people then this will be perfect. There are thousands of products from under £5 to hundreds of pounds including digital photo frames, remote control toys, mp3 players and accessories and USB goodies.

This is a unique offer and if you love gadgets this could open up huge savings from 33% to 70% on other stores RRP prices.

Claim your free membership today at Redsave!

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