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Jean-Patrique Cookware: Save 99% On This Great Knife Set

Save over £120 on a set of professional quality kitchen knives! Jean-Patrique Cookware The original price for these knives was £20 each thats over £125 in total and you get these limited edition set for just £1.99!

This Jean-Patrique Cookware offer has limited numbers so get in while it lasts! You save 99% on the store price!

Includes: 3.5″ paring knife , 5″ utility knife, 8″ chef’s knife, 9″ bread knife and a 10″ carving knife all magnificently forged and designed!

You just pay £1.99 plus a small postage contribution!

Snap this limited kitchen off today and save over £100 Jean-Patrique Cookware

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