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Letter from Santa: Help kids and get a beautiful card!


Letter from Santa is your way to ensure you get into Santas good books this festive season! He knows who’s been naughty or nice and people who help the NSPCC to help disadvantaged kids by buying one of these beautiful gift cards will be sure to be happy on the big day! For just £5 you get a personal card sent to the child of your choice and make a handy donation to the NSPCC who help kids at Christmas (and all year round) when they need it most!

Its good to think about others at this time of year plus any child who receives one of these cards will love the pictures, personal message and learn about helping others! There are loads of different cards, so if you order one for each they will all be different!

Letter from Santa is a great way to help out without breaking the bank plus you get something for your money, apart from the feeling that you have done your bit!

Buy a child a beautiful Letter from Santa

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