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Monthly Round Up: October 2009

Monthly Round Up: October 2009

There are listings added to Free UK Offers every day, 7 days a week every month of the year and they can save you some serious cash on products you buy, services you use plus new stuff you may never have heard of! Below are a few selected listings from the site:

Auto ebid – Enter what car you want and how much you want to pay and watch the dealers outbid each other! Save from 15% to 44% on average!

Boden – Free delivery and returns plus 10% discount, great value and quality family clothing!

VoIP Converse – The largest range and best value internet phones and equipment, get free phone calls forever using your computer/modem!

Walt Disney Travel Company – Book a week at Disneyland Florida and get another week free! Plus you get a discount gifts card worth £1,000 when you take 2 weeks!!

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