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MyGadgetBuddy: Protect Your Gadgets For A Few Pence

MyGadgetBuddy: Protect Your Gadgets For A Few Pence


With gadgets, mobiles and technology becoming so important and so portable its amazing to think that you walk about every day with hundreds of pounds of technology in your pocket! Your mobile alone can be worth £600, not to mention your tablet and laptop! Even at home they are in danger of damage, theft and loss. Dont fear though, thats where MyGadgetBuddy comes in!

MyGadgetBuddy offer you affordable, flexible and reliable cover for some or all of your gadgets including computers, mobiles, smartphones, tablets, cameras and any other technology you own from just a few pence per month. Cover up to 5 gadgets on a single policy!

If you have had to foot the bill for a lost/malfunctioning/stolen/wet/damaged device you can see the value of MyGadgetBuddy considering how much money you’ve invested in them you know it make sense!

You are covered at home and out and about, in the car, tube or bus.

MyGadgetBuddy is a great idea, which gives you peace of mind knowing you have protection no matter what happens!

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