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PayasUgym: Save 60% on Gym Membership

PayasUgym is a new flexible way to save money on using the gym in a way that suits your lifestyle! Anyone who has paid for an expensive gym membership and realised after just a few trips that it doesnt suit them or found another gym with more facilities will appreciate this service. You only pay for what you use and you can more around from gym to gym saving around 60% on each trip! This is the ultimate in convenience, you just top up your eWallet to pay! Members get special low rates!

You get to move about using the nearest or most popular gyms getting a special rate everytime! There are hundreds of gyms around the country to choose from! Perfect for a busy lifetyle, parents or anyone wanting to get back into the fitness saddle! Find the perfect gym from just £3 per trip!

PayasUgym is free to join, you just pay for what you use. One less thing to worry about and bill to pay!

Save 60% on visiting the gym with this great service PayasUgym

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