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Qype: Save 90% On The Stuff You Want

Get together and start to save with Qype, this free system lets you save 90% on stuff like beauty treatments, restaurants, entertainment, fashion and health. All you do is join up for free, buy the option you want, when the offer is taken up by enough people the price will go down and down and you are charged. You print out the voucher from the site and get your stuff. No postage just amazing savings!

New offers added every day and theres something for everyone. Offers are local, so you have to search by city. There are are offers in every city around the mainland UK!

Qype is free to join and use, you only pay for offers when the price has gone right down so you only ever pay the lowest prices!

More and more people are using the power of bulk buying to get more for their money!

Join up for free now to start saving Qype

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