Santas Letters: A Personalised Gift From The Man Himself


Every year there are choices to make when it comes to buying the kids Christmas gifts and finding something memorable thats not just he same old playset, car or dolly. It would be nice to have at least one present that comes as a lovely surprise and most importantly reassure any child that Santa really exists! Personalised and fun its a letter from the man himself for the child to open on the day!

Santas Letters is personalised, even if you have more than one child it looks different every time! It comes with puzzles and games as well as a handy good behaviour certificate for well behaved kids!

A gift which really gets kids in the mood for some fun and they can keep it after the day.

Postage of your Santas Letters gift pack is free and you get your choice of receipt dates to suit how you are planning your big day.

At under a fiver Santas Letters is great value as well! Ho ho ho!

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