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Sky Digital: Free Line Rental and Broadband Max

Sky Digital have changed all their offers recently and everyone should know by now that Sky are trying harder than ever to get your business. If you are thinking of switching or have been holding out for the best possible deal then this could be the time to sign up! You can build a perfect entertainment package for your household starting at £17 p/month with the option for Sky Sports, Sky Movies, free calls and lifechanging technology like Sky+ and Sky Multiroom.

Below are a few reasons to get Sky Digital in 2009:

Free Line rental for 3 months when you sign up for Sky TV.

Free Broadband Max upgrade for 3 months when you sign up for Sky TV.

Free evening and weekend calls when you sign up for Sky TV.

If that was not enough there are other product specific offers such as free equipment and free installation, so dont miss out on offers that are industry leaders! Get Sky Digital!

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