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Every year our all round shopping store UK Department Store brings you the most desirable, hot kids toys for Christmas including boys, girls, preschool, older kids, games, building and creative arts and crafts!! 70 different toys with a description and price comparision letting you get the best price!

Hand picked by the the Toy Retailers Association these toys have been selected from the thousands on the market for their quality, value, safety and how much fun they are of course!! These are the best of the best! Lego, Fireman Sam, Doggie Doo, Sylvanian Families, Nerf, Play-doh and Moshi are juat a few of the winners this year. If you have kids then check out this site! These toys sell out every year so get in while stocks last!

The toys section has just been updated for 2011, UK Department Store toys is unique you wont find anywhere else!

Every one of the recommended toys and all the best prices for each one UK Department Store

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