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UK Department Store: Compare Prices On Christmas Toys 2012

OK so most kids know you are Santa. It makes it easier when it comes to all sorts of things, having bright kids. Just dont give them your credit card and let them loose on the web when it comes to December!

The other downside of that is that they know whats good and what isnt, thats where our sister website comes in handy just about this time of year. Every year UK Department Store does its list of top toys just in time for Christmas, covering all ages of child from pre-school to older kids. Ten sections chock full of toys picked by The Toy Retailers Association. They pick out the best toys after testing them just like they have for 45 years.

This year there are 80 toys, over 10 sections with a hot dozen picked out as the very best. The sections are:
boys toys, girls toys, pre-school toys, great games, creative toys, construction toys, dolls toys, interactive toys, educational toys, tech zone toys. So something for all kids, families and parents too!

Find out more about them, where you can buy them and get price comparison for each one at UK Department Store you still have plenty of time to buy yours before the seasons rush in late November early December.

Many of these items will be sold out so get in now while stock lasts, some may even go up in price so order now!

Dont let your kids become disappointed this year, get them the hot new toys for 2012/2013!

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