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A Few Hints On Using Free UK Offers

Using Free UK Offers is straightforward but there may be a couple of things you did not know!

You can change any aspect of your Free UK Offers preferences like which types of offers you want and your personal details by logging into the site, clicking on ‘Homepage’ and then scrolling down to ‘User Options’. Keep all you details updated to help us to give you suitable offers.

Offers are added every day so you can keep abreast of what has just been added and what is about to expire using the blue bars down the top right of the screen.

Using Free UK Offers will hopefully save you some cash, remember all these companies are competing for your business so it pays to shop around!!

We keep tabs on the most popular offers and these can also be found on the top left hand bar. These are ranked by number of Free UK Offers members that have clicked on their links.

Search offers either alphabetically, by male/female or by type.

I hope that using Free UK Offers is a little clearer now, if you have any comments or questions then let us know.

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