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Gas and electricity offers from Utility companies in the UK.

With utility companies having more competition these days there are more options for your electric, gas, phone, broadband etc than ever before. Free UK Offers has price comparision sites that will point you in the right direction. These services are free and impartial, with the recomended provider giving a small precentage to the price comparision site.

If you believe everything you read in the papers and see on the TV then prices for UK utilities are only going to go up, it makes sense to be with the most competitive provider.

Energy Helpline – save up to £269 on your yearly bills.

Simply Switch – simple and straightforward, no forms to fill out.

uSwitch – save up to £300 on average on bills.

Plus for good measure:

British Gas – They are offering £300 of discounts if you join their award winning service and care packages.

So if you have ever felt that you are paying too much for your utilities then why not switch, the services are free and you will never need to fill out a form or have anyone call at your home.

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