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Who Remembers Me: Track down old friends for free


Who Remembers Me is a brand new listing to Free UK Offers! They have re-invented online dating and networking sites and bring you together with old friends and acquaintances you have lost contact with in the past. You just enter what schools, higher educational institutions, armed forces, work places, clubs, sports and anything else you could ever have done and you can start to trace your old mates and have them trace you!

Best of all the site is free, you will never be charged a penny to use any premium functions like most ‘free’ dating sites. Who Remembers Me is free however you need to choose to receive their weekly newsletter with advertising links.

We have all been there, you lose your mobile or little black book and you lose contact with all your mates from years ago, disaster! Years of mates gone and nothing you can do! Now you can catch up with people you though you would never see again!

Who Remembers Me is flexible and has a huge scope, it covers over 185 countries and you can add new organisations or situations or add to to existing ones as required! Use one of the standard profiles or set your own up. The best thing about this site is the fact you ‘dip your toe’ or dive right in, take things at your own pace and keep control of everything!

Who Remembers Me is a free site with huge potential for you and your life!

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