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Zopa: Finance by you!

Zopa are a well established website which lets you take control of your finances, its 100% free to join and use and it could save you loads! You borrow and land to other members with terms and rates agreed between you. NO middle men and no sky high rates! In these days of crazy rates and many banks not giving loads out this could be a life saver.

Dont pay huge rates to banks, or middle men this is direct finance where you get exactly what you want. You get to approve who you deal with and all the details, borrow any amount you like! For both borrowing and lending you will get much higher rates plus you get more attractive terms, pay early at no extra cost!

Zopa is spreading by word of mouth due to its easy to use and straightforward approach to finance, dont waste your time at the bank! Sign up and start to save today!

Sign up Zopa and see how it can work for you!

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