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Zopa: The best rates and terms around


Zopa is a new way of looking at the world of finance, its peer to peer borrowing that keeps you in control and means you dont pay for middle men or lose out on borrowing. With the new legislation that has appeared over he last year and the drop in the lending market Zopa is the perfect way to get the finance you want rather than what you are offered in anything!

You choose who to lend to or borrow from, you agree a rate of interest that suits both parties. No prohibitive interest or tiny savings rates just flexible finance dealing with like minded individuals who have signed up for Zopa!

With loans harder and harder to come by this represents a real step forward in modern finance, you are in control of everything including the duration of the loan, the amount and the rate.

Early repayments for no extra cost and really low rates as there are no middle men!

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